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Watch: Moonchild Sanelly’s special moment during performance



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Watch: Moonchild Sanelly’s special moment during performance
Moonchild Sanelly shares with us in a video shared on social media one of her special moments during her performance.

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Moonchild isn’t just a singer but an entertainer when it comes the utilizing the stage properly. In one of her recent performance, she had a little girl who courageously came out of the crowd to dance with her.
“So I called my little boobeam from the audience and she was the most courageous one when I asked who can dance
During the middle of our dance she whispers to me “I’m shy to dance in front of people”, I said “no ur not,we r here. Look into my eyes and let’s have fun” And we did🥰🥰🥰 Special moments during performance.” Moon said.

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