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Pearl Modiadie griefs mother’s death



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Pearl Modiadie griefs mother’s death

Pearl Modiadie received lot of consolation messages from fans and celebrity friends on social media after revealing that her mother’s death saddens her annually.

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Mother’s day is right at the corner and she’s stuck in her feelings with the absence of her mom. In a long note, the radio personality shared her mother’s last moment before she took her last breath.

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I’m sad today. I’m very sad today. It’s the 9th of May & this day will forever take me back to the moment I lost my mother. It’s the day my sisters, my aunts and I watched my mother’s soul leaving her body. I had fed her that morning and she kept asking all of us what time it was. That should’ve been the biggest sign that she was preparing to take her last breath, but we didn’t think much of it because she had made such great progress since leaving the hospital.”
“The time she was asking about eventually came and took her away. It was time. I remember laying on her chest having convinced myself that she was only sleeping, that she’d wake up. She didn’t wake up & every year we remember her on this day. This year is particularly difficult for some reason. Remembering her actually hurts today. It feels like she has died all over again and it has made me very sad.” Pearl narrated.


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