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Faith Nketsi – “Instagram has changed my life in such a dramatic way…”



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Faith Nketsi – “Instagram has changed my life in such a dramatic way…”

Faith Nketsi shared a snap of herself after a short break off Instagram and spoke on how the social media platform has changed her life.

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The socialite motivated her Instagram followers on the need to get a life outside social media as it tends to be a form of distraction.


“I’ve been getting dms like “where are u, we miss u” or she’s back and this is from me not posting in a month. I’ve come to realize that constant use of social media can turn into a distraction, which can lead to procrastination and isolation from the people you love. I’ve seen so many people lose themselves because of social media, people forget to have fun, achieve their goal for themselves and start doing things for social media, even though there are also endless benefits to it, It’s important to periodically take a break when you feel like you’re spending too much time on social media, even if it’s for a short period of time.” She said.

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Based on experience, Faith shared some facts in addition to what she’s said earlier.

“Fact: A break from social media improves common health issues such as anxiety, depression, and insomnia. Anxiety and depression reduce significantly when there’s no pressure to meet the standards you see on social media, I say this all the time; people tend to forget that we only post the good things, the good angles, never our battles or failures, so not everyone’s life is perfect. So with that been said, Instagram has changed my life for the better in such a dramatic way and I will forever be grateful, but once in a while I need that break, just to be me.” She added.

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